Bookkeeping Services for small Business and sole traders in Australia

Our Team is certified by Xero & Myob and has vast experience in QuickBooks, peach tree, and cash flow management. They understand each entry deeply and optimize your business processes.

We are experts at providing Accounting & Bookkeeping services to all kinds of businesses ranging from sole traders, partnerships, firms, and trusts. We will analyze and track your business cash inflows and outflows to monitor your business financial health. Based on our information you can make decisions in a user-friendly manner and get your financial reports.

Service includes:

  • Bookkeeping services
  • Software set up
  • Maintenance of PAYG and GST records
  • Preparation of various financial reports
  • Managing and preparing periodic accounts
  • Reconciliation of your Bank accounts
  • Payroll services including payslips preparation
  • STP setup and PAYG reporting to the ATO

Bookkeeping Services

Everyone who owns a small or large business will need bookkeeping services from time to time. Thus, if you own any business or planning to convert a small business into an international one, here is when you need a bookkeeper for the business. We are Australia based Bookkeeper Company that lets you hire a bookkeeper to perform all the necessary tasks you want them to. The outsourced bookkeeping services we offer at Hire my bookkeeper Australia can positively reduce the overhead costs associated with routine accounting. Digging further into the services, we provide the following:

    • Bookkeeping services

To run a successful business, you need to keep clear and accurate business records. With this approach, you can track how much money you owe and how much you have in your account to avoid costly mistakes. With our bookkeeping services, you will be able to keep a record of payroll and employment taxes, Sales and purchases, and other financial books.

    • Software Set-Up

With the help of our Hire my bookkeeper Melbourne, you will be able to manage finance using Xero, advanced Xero software, and MYOB. With this software and the help of bookkeeping services professional, you will easily keep track of your taxes and payroll, including sales and purchases.


    • PAYG And GST Records Maintenance

Pay as you go, or PAYG reports business and investment income and pays it all at once. Additionally, taxes on goods and services sold for domestic consumption are known as GST. Thus, to make a record and to maintain the necessary details, our bookkeeping services will help you do it all quickly. Finance management is now a piece of cake for you.

    • Financial Reports Preparation

Managing financial reports of your big business may be a fuss. However, false statements may lead to great chaos or miscalculation of finances leading to loss. Thus, with Hire my bookkeeping services, you will easily keep track of your financial transactions with prepared records.

    • Bank Reconciliation

Providing cross-references between your business journals and your bank statements is an important technique to ensure that balances and transactions are on track. Of course, there can be a difference between the two, so if such a difference exists, you have to act immediately to know where the problem lies. However, to avoid any loss and anomaly in your finances, we provide trustworthy and efficient bookkeepers. Our bookkeeping services will enable you to keep track of your finances.


    • Payroll Services

We will take care of all of your Employee expenses, BAS, GST, and IAS through our Standardized procedure. You will be able to distribute pays with the help of already made payrolls with our services. We will also maintain track of all current and former employees.

Audits are also commonly conducted by banks and investors to determine the risk involved in investing in a firm before they invest capital.
If you want to prepare for an audit much faster, you will need to hire an accountant who can do that, as they will save you tons of time in the long run.

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